sabato 20 dicembre 2014

Long time ago when we was fab

So are you back? Back where it all began?
Back to your place and to our place, where we set the air ablaze with feelings and passion?

Can you really feel ok without me, without the man you love?

lunedì 15 dicembre 2014


My joy and happiness were supposed to begin in 5-10 days.
She should have come back.
All that I have left are memories.

giovedì 11 dicembre 2014

New Year...?

Despite the infinite bad luck I had this year, maybe one thing is going fine: my art.

And Karma made me meet an extremely competent and caring, altough harder than Sgr. Hartman, Makeup Artist, who took me under her wing and is teaching me a whole lot of things that no academy would even try to.

So, next step - Academy. Four months of intense training. Four months of hellish schedule matching my work hours. Four months to give me what I still need to become a true photographer, not an average pro only.

First step towards the TRUE top.

Wish me luck, World. One joy, at least, among so much suffering, is not too much to ask for, I think.


What should I think?
What should I do? 

domenica 20 aprile 2014


And I wait
Till I cannot hear the clock no more
Endless hours
Just waiting for your words
I've been waiting way too long

I don't want to wait
Another life to be with you
Yet I can't help it, I keep yearning
For words that will not come